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357 Magnum Revolver Softbullet Toy Pistol

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AK47 Gel Ball Launchers

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Double Barrel Toy Shotgun Soft Bullet

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Dragon Claw Sponge Bullet Toy Rifle Gun

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Extra Attachments For Toy Guns

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Extra Gel Bullets

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Eye Protection Mask

  • Sturdy, heavy duty Military issued adjustable goggles.
  • Included are Tinted, Clear & Yellow lenses and black canvas case
  • Breathable design with digital, desert camo, cotton sheath.
  • Perfect for any outdoor activities- ATV, paintball, ski and snowboarding.
  • 1 x Protective Goggles with Lens
  • 1 x 3 Lens
  • 1 x Storage bag
Please note this product is for a Gel Blaster Toy.

Glock Toy Pistol Gel Launcher

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What is Toy Guns Armory?

Toy guns armory is an online toy guns shop where you can get best toys at affordable prices. visit our shop to see amazing products. 

Do I need a License?

Gel blasters have been classified as a toy as of December 2017. We import toy guns blasters with a legally acquired importation permit, so you can feel confident purchasing from Toy Guns Armory. Please check your local state laws as it varies from state to state.

Where can i play with my toy guns?

We definitely recommend using your gel blaster ONLY in your backyard/house or in designated fields and arenas.

Does my toy gun come with warranty?

Yes! All gel blasters purchased through Toy Guns Armory come with 6 months warranty. Please make sure to read the Use Safety Sheet which comes with all gel blasters for information on warranty. Some gel blaster models (like the MP5 Rifle) will also come with a blaster-specific instruction sheet outlining use/care. 

If you require technical help and wish to make a warranty-claim for a potential issue you may be experiencing, please send us through an email to with your order number and attach a video showcasing the issue.

Any modifications to the gel blaster or tampering/disassembly will void the warranty. If we find evidence that the blaster has been tampered with, or that the issue being experienced with the blaster is a result of improper use/force, warranty will not be applicable. This means any costs involved in repairing the blaster, including return postage costs, will be billed to the customer.

How do i store the gel balls?

We recommend hydrating gel balls for the 4 hour minimum, then draining the water and leaving them in a sealed container until you wish to use them. 

Failure to place in an airtight container will result in the balls shrinking back to their original size, or an un-usable size. If the balls shrink, you can hydrate them again however it won't be as firm as originally experienced, you may also encounter feeding or performance issues. Please make sure to also empty the magazine and clear the chamber once finished using the gel blaster, to avoid blockages.

When will my order be shipped?

All online orders are immediately queued for dispatch once placed, and will leave our warehouse within 1-3 business days unless stated otherwise (e.g pre-order items).

Is discreet shipping available?

We offer discreet shipping for all customers at checkout in the case that they do not want the packaging of the item to be seen by the receiver or in transit. This is great for cases where it is a gift for a friend or family member and you do not want them to know what they have received. 

Opting for discreet packaging guarantees the parcel will be wrapped/concealed prior (so the item cannot be identified by the receiver or by the couriers whilst in transit), which offers more parcel-security and privacy.